Electoral Fraud, Mexico 2012

Tumblr, followers, I request a moment of your time. Mexico’s presidential elections of 2012 have been a fraud. This is in English solely so the world knows what is happening here. It’s all around tumblr, search for #Yosoy132 #Mexico Electoral Fraud #Mexico Fraude Electoral #Fraude Electoral

You will find it. The protests, the evidence, the satires of the person who proclaimed himself president after blatantly buying or stealing people’s votes. This is in English for you to know. 

For reasons of my citizenship, I have never been able to vote in the elections of the country I live in; however, not having a political voice does not stop me from having a social voice and conscience.

The electoral fraud in the presidential elections in Mexico this 2012, where the imposition of a candidate who was NOT chosen by the people, has made thousands of students take political and social action. It is not a phase of rebellion; it is a fight for the rights of the Mexican people.

I am not a supporter of any other presidential candidate. I am not a supporter of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador; however, I am a supporter of democracy and making Mexico’s voice be heard; I am a supporter of fighting against the mass media, who thoroughly hid from Mexicans the atrocities committed by the political party PRI against their rights, and of fighting the imposition of a president who was NOT elected by the people.

Social conscience and activism is the key to end the corruption in the Mexican government.

In the words of code-name V, “People should’nt be afraid of their governments. Gobernments should be afraid of their people.”

I am not Mexican because of my citizenship, because of where I was born; however, I’ve lived my entire life in this country and it pains me to see people with the political voice that I lack not struggling to fight for their undeniable rights. If I, who cannot vote and who cannot have a say in how I want to be governed, am aware of the corruption within the governmental institutions and the fraud that was carried by the mass media and by the political party PRI, why can’t you, who has this political voice, this power to speak up and make a change in your country?